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It’s amazing when a couple MMA and BJJ practitioners partner up with elite manufacturers to serve the entire martial arts community in a positive way.

Our MMA LIFESTYLE store is run by a team of MMA and BJJ enthusiasts that are dedicated to providing their customers with the best training dummies that will supplement their training effectively without spending hundreds of dollars.

MMA LIFESTYLE was established in 2013 in the United States to address the need for high quality BJJ dummies at affordable prices. We found it increasingly difficult to find high quality products at prices that everyone could afford. 

We realized that the martial arts dummy marketplace was overpriced and lacked innovation. 

We decided to be the solution.

We came up with all our DAAN dummy designs back in 2013. It took us about 5 months to come up with our final designs and to perfect all our dummies.

Since then, our dummies have been provided to over 50,000+ customers and 1,000+ gyms in over 30 countries worldwide. 

We know many companies claim to be #1 but we truly believe we are the #1 dummy manufacturer and seller worldwide. It took a lot of work and valuable customer feedback to get to this point.

Our very first customers were young MMA and BJJ practitioners in the surrounding college campus area in New York. 

After confirming the value of our dummies, we decided to exclusively sell our dummies online so that we could make it easy to order and accessible to as many people as possible across the world.

We are proud of the journey we’ve been through.

We would not exist without our satisfied customers! We greatly appreciate all our customers.

Thank you and we appreciate you for reading about our story.


MMA LIFESTYLE™ is the official high-quality original manufacturer of all of DAAN™ dummies.

We produce only the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

We make the top of the line dummies for all practitioners, teachers, and gym owners all over the world.

✔ MMA LIFESTYLE™ is the Original Manufacturer of all DAAN™ Dummies
✔ MMA LIFESTYLE™ Manufacturing and Workmanship 
✔ Designed In The USA
✔ Manufactured In Pakistan
✔ Manufactured In Thailand
✔ Manufactured In India 
✔ Order Your Dummy Directly From The Manufacturer 
✔ #1 Customer Service - We Only Care About Our Customers


We were the first ones to come up with our dummy designs back in 2013.

Ever since 2015, we noticed many imitators coming into the marketplace.

The problem with these sellers is that they believe customers only care about price without any consideration for quality or long-term use.

We price our dummies at a fair price relative to the quality we provide.

According to the community and some reviews we’ve seen, our imitators seem to use much cheaper methods of manufacturing which hurts their product quality and durability significantly.

Other dummy manufacturers and sellers that are well-known with a focus on quality seem to be extremely over-priced.

While considering these problems, we strive to be the #1 solution forever.


As mentioned before, we decided to exclusively sell our dummies online so that we could make it easy to order and accessible to as many people as possible across the world.

It’s the best option for us as a manufacturer and seller and its the most preferred option according to our customers.


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