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Skills & Abilities Benefits
✔ improved skills and abilities
✔ improved muscle memory
✔ improved mobility
✔ accelerated learning
✔ master the fundamentals
✔ come up with creative moves and ideas
✔ sharpen your techniques
✔ rapidly build “muscle memory” by going over techniques 1,000 times
✔ guaranteed development of muscle memory from hours of drilling and sharpening techniques

Training Benefits
✔ hit your training goals faster
✔ train as much as possible
✔ supplement your training from the comfort of your home


✔ positions
✔ submissions
✔ escapes
✔ transitions
✔ sweeps
✔ passes

Master All Positions
✔ the guard
✔ passing guard
✔ mount
✔ side control
✔ knee on belly
✔ back control
✔ and many more positions

Master All Chokes (Submissions)
✔ triangle chokes
✔ rear naked chokes
✔ guillotines
✔ and many more chokes

Master All Joint Locks (Submissions)
✔ arm bars
✔ leg locks
✔ neck cranks
✔ kimuras
✔ and many more joint locks  


Unlimited Reps
✔ unlimited reps when practicing drills, submissions, and techniques

No Complaints
✔ will never complain about you doing 1,000 reps like a real partner might
✔ master specific techniques and drill 100 times without a partner complaining about it

No Injuries
✔ full out training sessions without the risk of injuring your training partner 
✔ will never injure you like a real partner might

Nobody Else Needed
✔ don’t need to rely on a partner to get your reps in
✔ 24/7 reliable grappling partner wherever and whenever you want
✔ at any time you like without a training partner and/or gym
✔ maximized solo training from the comfort of your own home
✔ no bored training buddies
✔ take as much time as you need to master each technique

Teacher / Gym Benefits
✔ teachers can use the dummies to help their students accelerate learning
✔ even out odd numbers in class


Mainly Designed For Ground Game Disciplines/Styles
✔ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
✔ Grappling
✔ Wrestling

Perfect For
✔ students
✔ regular practitioners
✔ serious athletes
✔ all teachers
✔ gym/school owners

Grappling/BJJ Kneeling Position Design
✔ pre-positioned kneeling design
✔ the dummy can maintain its kneeling position as shown in the images
✔ the dummy can kneel up inside your guard so you can practice your triangle chokes, arm bars, arm triangles, sweeps, and much more
✔ the dummy can keep its legs up so you can practice passing the guard, leg locks from inside guard, and much more
✔ the dummy can be positioned in a perfect sit-down posture, making it ideal for BJJ drills

Anatomically Correct/Designed
✔ designed to look, feel, and perform as close as possible to a real human training partner
✔ anatomically correct joints and human features
✔ realistic limbs
✔ realistic movement
✔ realistic positioning
✔ ergonomic design
✔ anatomically designed

Limbs Design (Arms & Hands + Legs & Feet)
✔ long enough arms for practicing unlimited arm bars
✔ arms and legs naturally bend once the dummy is filled like in the images shown
✔ arms and legs are designed to hold its position like in the images shown
✔ arms and legs return to position without having to reposition them after each move you do
✔ flexible hands and feet design for wrist locks and ankle locks
✔ the full limb design down to the hands and feet lets you safely practice ankle or wrist locks

✔ has its legs curved a 90 degrees at the hips (the “MMA Dummy” has straight legs and doesn’t have its legs curved at 90 degrees at the hips like this “Grappling Dummy”) 

Shoulder System
✔ shoulder system designed for all possible moves and techniques
✔ double reinforced shoulder straps for added durability
✔ velcro added to keep arms locked to its sides if needed

Visual Design
✔ target printed head for any striking

4 Different Size Options Available
  • 40” = kids
  • 47” = kids
  • 59” = adults and teenagers
  • 70” = adults

Measurement Method

  • starting from the top of the head, along the body, along the bent legs, to the bottom of the feet
  • measured pre-filled, not unfilled
  • measuring it unfilled from the top to the bottom will provide the incorrect size because our dummies are designed to be in a kneeling position post-filling

Why Unfilled?

Most pre-filled grappling dummy providers significantly markup their price for the dummy itself and/or for shipping, just because they sold and shipped it pre-filled. This is why most practitioners prefer not to spend that much money to supplement their training with a grappling dummy. This is also why some even decide to create their own grappling dummy.

This is a problem that we decided to solve back in 2013. We ship our grappling dummies unfilled with a low product + shipping cost, priced at the average cost of a BJJ Gi, because it allows us to make it more affordable and accessible to thousands of practitioners worldwide.

A 30-60 minute investment of time to fill your grappling dummy will provide you with the opportunity to train at any time you'd like for years, while saving you hundreds of dollars. Sounds like the perfect investment of time and money. This can also provide you with the opportunity to get rid of old and unused towels, pillows, clothing, blankets, etc. The dummy is weighed according to your training preference. The filling options are unlimited.

Unfilled Dummy Benefits
✔ save a ton of money on a grappling dummy (save $400-$600)
✔ best investment that pays off for multiple years
✔ maximum quality at a minimum fair price
✔ customized dummy weight according to your training preference

Filing Design
✔ designed to be filled as easy as possible
✔ industrial heavy-duty zipper
✔ added zipper opening in the back, arms, hands, legs, and feet to ease to filling process

Recommended Filling Material Options

  • Old and unused towels, pillows, clothes, blankets, rags, etc. shredded to tiny hand-sized pieces (this is what Everlast® uses to fill their boxing bags)
  • Sand, dirt, or rice filled into plastic bags and inserted into the grappling dummy. Perfect for adding additional weight
  • Filling with clothes, blankets, and towels adds a lot more weight than you may think
  • Poly Fill is great too
  • This is what we recommend, however, the filling options are limitless

Can Be Weighted Up To

  • 25 kg (55 lbs) for the 40” size
  • 35 kg (77 lbs) for the 47” size
  • 45 kg (99 lbs) for the 59” size
  • 55 kg (121 lbs) for the 70” size


Countries: we almost ship to all countries worldwide

Service: we mostly use DHL Express or USPS Priority Mail (expedited services only)

Shipping Cost: FREE (no hidden shipping charges)

Delivery Time: about 3-5 days


This Leather Dummy Material
= A-Grade Thick Premium Synthetic Vinyl Leather

Canvas Dummy Material
= A-Grade Thick Premium Canvas Material

Material Difference? = Similar To Car Seats



lower price

higher price

slightly lighter weight

slightly heavier weight

similar durability/longevity (5+ years)

similar durability/longevity (5+ years)

similar comfort

similar comfort

harder to clean/maintain

much easier to clean/maintain

easier to absorb sweat

won’t absorb sweat

easier to absorb smells

won’t absorb smells


Dummy Material (Canvas & Leather)
✔ non-toxic
✔ durable
✔ flexible
✔ hand constructed and machine constructed
✔ stronger and thicker than other dummies on the market
✔ extremely strong rip-stop material
✔ impossible to tear through with normal usage (with the exception of sharp objects)

Consistently Tested
✔ consistently tested to withstand all training force
✔ durable enough to take hours of training for years
✔ can tolerate extensive use for years
✔ can withstand high submission forces

✔ reinforced stitching for maximum durability
✔ quadruple stitched to perfection along all stress points
stitched with tear-resistant, stretch nylon threads for ultimate durability


✔ Improved skills, abilities, muscle memory and mobility
✔ High-quality material, stitching, and design, with the best fair price in the market
✔ Grappling dummy will look exactly like the images shown once they are filled
✔ Best investment made to supplement your training


We are so proud and confident in our quality that we offer a 1-year warranty guaranteed against manufacturing defects and construction.

We encourage you to compare our dummies with other, cheaper versions on the market that will not stand the test of time!

We are the official high-quality original manufacturer of our type of DAAN™ dummies.

✔ MMA LIFESTYLE™ is the Original Manufacturer of all DAAN™ Dummies
✔ MMA LIFESTYLE™ Manufacturing and Workmanship
✔ Designed In The USA
✔ Manufactured In Pakistan
✔ Manufactured In Thailand
✔ Manufactured In India

✔ #1 Customer Service - We Only Care About Our Customers
✔ Order Your Dummy Directly From The Manufacturer

  • Buy with confidence, our dummies are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee
  • If the material, stitching, or design quality is not the way we described it as, then we will offer you a full refund immediately 
  • If for any reason the grappling dummy is damaged or defective, we will take it back immediately and offer a full refund or replace it at our expense


It’s amazing when a couple MMA and BJJ practitioners partner up with elite manufacturers to serve the entire martial arts community in a positive way.

Our MMA LIFESTYLE store is run by a team of MMA and BJJ enthusiasts that are dedicated to providing their customers with the best training dummies that will supplement their training effectively without spending hundreds of dollars.

MMA LIFESTYLE was established in 2013 in the United States to address the need for high quality BJJ dummies at affordable prices. We found it increasingly difficult to find high quality products at prices that everyone could afford.

We realized that the martial arts dummy marketplace was overpriced and lacked innovation.

We decided to be the solution.

We came up with all our DAAN dummy designs back in 2013. It took us about 5 months to come up with our final designs and to perfect all our dummies.

Since then, our dummies have been provided to over 50,000+ customers and 1,000+ gyms in over 30 countries worldwide.

We know many companies claim to be #1 but we truly believe we are the #1 dummy manufacturer and seller worldwide. It took a lot of work and valuable customer feedback to get to this point.

Our very first customers were young MMA and BJJ practitioners in the surrounding college campus area in New York.

After confirming the value of our dummies, we decided to exclusively sell our dummies online so that we could make it easy to order and accessible to as many people as possible across the world.

We are proud of the journey we’ve been through.

We would not exist without our satisfied customers! We greatly appreciate all our customers.

Thank you and we appreciate you for reading about our story.


MMA LIFESTYLE™ is the official high-quality original manufacturer of all of DAAN™ dummies.

We produce only the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

We make the top of the line dummies for all practitioners, teachers, and gym owners all over the world.

✔ MMA LIFESTYLE™ is the Original Manufacturer of all DAAN™ Dummies
✔ MMA LIFESTYLE™ Manufacturing and Workmanship
✔ Designed In The USA
✔ Manufactured In Pakistan
✔ Manufactured In Thailand
✔ Manufactured In India
✔ Order Your Dummy Directly From The Manufacturer
✔ #1 Customer Service - We Only Care About Our Customers


We were the first ones to come up with our dummy designs back in 2013.

Ever since 2015, we noticed many imitators coming into the marketplace.

The problem with these sellers is that they believe customers only care about price without any consideration for quality or long-term use.

We price our dummies at a fair price relative to the quality we provide.

According to the community and some reviews we’ve seen, our imitators seem to use much cheaper methods of manufacturing which hurts their product quality and durability significantly.

Other dummy manufacturers and sellers that are well-known with a focus on quality seem to be extremely over-priced.

While considering these problems, we strive to be the #1 solution forever.


As mentioned before, we decided to exclusively sell our dummies online so that we could make it easy to order and accessible to as many people as possible across the world.

It’s the best option for us as a manufacturer and seller and its the most preferred option according to our customers.


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